What are you proud of?

Everyone it seems is proud of something. A walk around any carpark will show bumper stickers that show a marine corpse badge, or “my kid is an honor student”, or stickers from a branch of the military claiming veteran status. Some stickers are more subtle: they refer to some good cause … ‘keep Tahoe blue,’ ‘save the whales,’ ‘end world hunger.’ What these stickers are realy saying is …look at me I’m a good person, I spend time or money supporting this good cause.

A popular family show called “Marriage with Children” featured Al, a shoe salesman, who had an unsuccessful job and dismal family life but could not let go of his moment of fame as a high school football player. There is a little Al Bundy in all of us.

Why is this so? And is it just pathetic or essential for our self esteem? I opt for the latter. When someone boasts they lost ¬†fifty pounds by dieting … it was the pride of achievement that was part of what kept them going. Pride and snobbery let us set goals for our behavior, keeps us trying to do our best and be our better selves.

What are you proud of? Let it represent the best of you.


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