Exchanging Bodily Fluids

I was recently challenged to write a story in no more than 100 words. This is a real test of the ability to be concise; I suggest you try it for yourself. Here is my attempt, I entitled it “Exchanging bodily fluids.”

Stanley saved all the money from his paper round for a special treat. He scrubbed his acned face, rinsing away all traces of Noxema; for today Darlene was in the Kissing Booth at the county fare. Today he vowed, Miss Cheerleader will see past the jocks and find I exist.

Darlene eyed his generous pile of crumpled notes, pushed past his dry closed lips, and used her tongue in ways learnt under the bleachers at school. Stanley, his chivalric fantasies dashed — staggered away.

Laer he acquired a growing library of Dungeons and Dragons video games.


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