The novel draws upon the many opposing political faiths passionately held in Europe of the late 1930’s — which were acted-out on the battlefields of the Spanish Civil War. The history of that period leading to World War II was by no means inevitable, many opposed the drift into war; they had good reasons, and came close to succeeding. The book includes real events and personages that are woven into this gripping drama together with fictional characters.

This is a story of a few who fought a secret war to decide the future flow of history; they were spies, assassins, traitors, and political conspirators. Today we would call them Doves and Hawks, but the kind of future the world would see was at stake, and no cost was too high to pay.

The author lived in London during this period and adds many realistic details of daily life, which are now gone forever.




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    This tale interweaves actual events like the Dunkirk evacuation, the Duke of Windsor’s flirtation with fascism, and Rudolf Hess’s mysterious flight to Scotland — with fictional characters that tie the events together. Did you find it convincing; what would you have liked to know more about?

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