I Raconteur

This book of short stories offers a rich variety of tales. You may be intrigued, amused, offended — but never bored by the┬ádiverse cast of characters, among them are: two confidence men who discover the pitfalls of founding a new religion; a staff analyst in an Uzbekistan Oil Refinery who is drawn into a global conspiracy; a yacht delivery skipper who meets his ultimate storm; a police informer who is turned into a crime fighter; and two young ladies being sold into sexual slavery.

Some of the stories are based on true events but garnished with a fictional overlay. To be true to the reader important facts are real — there ARE ships marooned in the desert, and biological weapons WERE developed at Aral 7; but then our fictional characters take the story into new realms. In another story the characters confront the author; what next, will readers revolt?






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