This novel takes present trends and projects them into the future. So it poses such questions as what would the world look liked in two hundred years if global overpopulation continues, coupled with global-warming and climatic disasters; if the rise of Islam leads to Caliphates on each continent; and if in North America, feminine dominance of education and government policy reaches its ultimate conclusion?

The book starts with the male-centric Europa Caliphate sending secret agents into The Federation (North America), which is ruled by the all-female Femna Party as a totalitarian sectarian state. The state has solved the problem of how to sustain a single-sex population, but some Party members privately rebel against the draconian methods employed. One, Zeeta, defects and leads a band of partisans to form a new society in the wilderness; in this she is helped by Lars one of the Caliphate’s male agents.

This exciting adventure story makes a believable case for the rise of a single gender nation and how it could be perpetuated; but the book’s sub-title — ‘A New Beginning’  suggests the protagonists face choices for the future.



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    The book assumes current trends in society will continue for 200 more years. Do you find the result credible?

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