You will be entertained and perhaps informed by these short stories based in many different lands, and time periods. You will meet a street-smart Iranian Lawyer, A Ghanaian village boy who becomes an entrepreneur, an Australian super salesman developing new markets, a Canadian investor appraising a mob-run  strip club for sale, a foreign student painfully adjusting to life in New York City, an inner-city slum landlord with delusions of grandeur, and a cynical senior citizen trolling on-line dating sites.

A total of eighteen stories are presented, two of which are more lengthy adventure stories to give a change of pace; but all, even though some are based in part on actual experiences,  are painted with a fictional brush.

The story’s common theme is to entertain, and to introduce the reader to characters they may not have had the chance to meet.





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  1. admin

    Here are some characters unlike those you may have met in your life, Do you relate to any of them? Why, what made them real?

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