This novel was written by considering present trends and projecting them into the future. So it poses such questions as what would the world look liked in two hundred years: if global overpopulation continues, coupled with global-warming and climatic disasters; if the rise of Islam leads to Caliphates on each continent; and if in North America… Read More


You will be entertained and perhaps informed by these short stories based in many different lands, and time periods. You will meet a street-smart Iranian Lawyer, A Ghanaian village boy who becomes an entrepreneur, an Australian super salesman, a Canadian investor appraising a strip club for sale, a foreign student adjusting to life in… Read More

I Raconteur

This book of short stories will introduce you to a diverse cast of characters, among them are: two confidence men who discover the pitfalls of founding a new religion; a staff analyst in an Uzbekistan Oil Refinery who is drawn into a global conspiracy; a yacht delivery skipper who meets his ultimate storm; a police informer who is turned into crime fighter… Read More


The novel captures the many opposing political faiths of the late 1930’s — made real on the battlefields of the Spanish Civil War. The history we know of that period leading to World War II was by no means inevitable, many opposed the drift into war, and they had good reasons. The book includes real events and personages that are woven into this story… Read More