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All your books are ‘stand alone’ stories not related to each other. do you plan to write sequels of the more popular characters? 15. April 2015

Author’s write for different reasons: literary fame, to make money by churning-out sequels, to explore a subject of interest, or to exorcise some inner drive. My short stories describe experiences, real or imaginary; my novels reinterpret facts to present a different reality. They are fun to write, and I hope to read. Sequels would need the justification to tell something new.

Will there be another book in the series for Watershed? I am curious about where the characters go and what happens to them next? 15. April 2015

There is nothing in the works, but the drama of subsequent history cries out to be told, and Yuri Anderson has a part to play. So do not be surprised to see him again.

I have really enjoyed reading your book Freelandia. Where can I find more of your books to purchase online? 1. April 2015

You may purchase my other books by visiting the Buy the Books page. There is also a Buy the Books button on the right side of my sites pages. Thank you for your interest and support. – James